Creating lasting memories

Author: Sangeeta Enterprise |

Who are the jewelry buyers of today? Is it women of all ages? Husbands looking for the perfect anniversary gift? A trend-setter? A go-getter? Or someone looking to hoard it for her ever-expanding personal collection? 

Women want jewelry to reflect their station in life. A woman married to a money bag would declare her personality with her heavy-studded jewels, while a working woman may prefer a less-fussy, less-ostentatious piece to declare her modest station.

However, increasingly, women from all strata of our society have begun to demand more from their jewelry – more in terms of design flexibility. Bold and non-traditional, they want to experiment with various looks and ultimately express themselves in more creative, contemporary ways. Their fast-pace living style, along with the cultural fusion in their dress codes has also created a space for jewelry to provide the final accessorizing touch to their look and feel.

Why do women love jewels?

That’s a mystery that no one has been able to crack. Women of all ages and from all periods, from Stone Age to Information Age have felt drawn to gems and jewels. It would be a rare woman who is not passionately and intensely involves with her stones. Perhaps because nature has been kinder to women in bestowing them more beauty and sensuality, they love to make the most of these traits to allure a prospective mate. 

While earlier, women used jewelry crafted from bones, stones, beads and metals, later they started using diamonds, colored gemstones and other metal ware. Vain by nature, women love any object that furthers their beauty and charming jewelry serves this purpose only too well. 

Modern-day women want to move beyond precious jewels

They want every piece of jewelry they buy to be associated with a memory – a Birthday, an anniversary, a promotion at job, a birth in the family. It doesn’t matter if that piece is crafted from precious or semi-precious stones. Once selected it must be a part of their family heirloom. 

They look for ease of purchase, good and efficient service, knowledge of the latest fashion trends and rock-solid business ethics – everything that provides. Our buyers want a long-term relationship with us – much like they had with their traditional jewelers - through personalized products and service.  That’s exactly the kind of attention we guarantee to our women consumers at  

We understand our consumers better than anyone else and this is reflected in the designs we choose and present to them. We make women feel special and understood. The honesty of our designs attract our female customers like honey bees to a flower. The uniqueness of our work stands out tall amongst the mass-produced products that are being made and sold in the market today by the dozens. 
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